GS Yuasa LIM Li-ion Batteries



  • Lithium manganese chemistry provides high energy density giving more power from a compact solution.
  • Suitable for high voltage applications. Modules can be connected in series to meet the required system voltage.
  • Can be used in parallel to create a high capacity energy storage solution.
  • Charge acceptance capability extends to sub-zero temperatures.


  • Renewable energy and microgrids
  • Electric vehicle charging systems
  • Diesel generator hybrid systems
  • UPS systems
  • Transportable energy storage
  • Marine vessel propulsion
  • Material handling and automated guided vehicles
Tech Spec

Información adicional

Longitud (mm) 440
Anchura (mm) 219
Altura (mm) 128
Tensión nominal 30.4
Capacidad Ah 50
Número de celdas 8
Temperatura ambiente -20° to +45°C
Tasa de carga máxima 125A (2.5C)
Tasa máxima de descarga 300A (6C) up to 60 seconds - 200 A (4C)