GS Yuasa LIM Li-ion Batteries



  • Provides a cost effective alternative to flywheels or supercapacitors.
  • Ideal for moving applications, such as material handling equipment, cranes and trains due to their ability to accept bursts of regenerative energy.
  • Lithium manganese chemistry provides up to 50,000 cycles in partial state of charge conditions.
  • Integrated battery management system to ensure cells are continuously balanced.


  • High power applications
  • Diesel hybrid crane
  • Diesel hybrid trains
  • Short-duration UPS systems
  • Fuel cell hybrid transport vehciles
Tech Spec

Información adicional

Longitud (mm) 440
Anchura (mm) 219
Altura (mm) 128
Peso (Kg.) 17.5
Tensión nominal 28.8
Capacidad Ah 31.5
Número de celdas 8
Temperatura ambiente Charging -10° to +45°C - Discharging -20° to +45°C
Tasa de carga máxima 600A (24C) up to 14 seconds - 314A (12.6C) up to 180 seconds
Tasa máxima de descarga 600A (24C) up to 14 seconds - 271A (10.8C) up to 300 seconds