GS Yuasa LIM Li-ion Batteries



  • Provides a cost effective alternative to flywheels or supercapacitors.
  • Ideal for moving applications, such as material handling equipment, cranes and trains due to their ability to accept bursts of regenerative energy.
  • Lithium manganese chemistry provides up to 50,000 cycles in partial state of charge conditions.
  • Integrated battery management system to ensure cells are continuously balanced.


  • High power applications
  • Diesel hybrid crane
  • Diesel hybrid trains
  • Short-duration UPS systems
  • Fuel cell hybrid transport vehciles
Tech Spec

Información adicional

Longitud (mm) 617
Anchura (mm) 219
Altura (mm) 128
Peso (Kg.) 27
Tensión nominal 43.2
Capacidad Ah 31.5
Número de celdas 12
Temperatura ambiente Charging -10° to +45°C - Discharging -20° to +45°C
Tasa de carga máxima 600A (24C) up to 14 seconds - 314A (12.6C) up to 180 seconds
Tasa máxima de descarga 600A (24C) up to 14 seconds - 271A (10.8C) up to 300 seconds