GS Yuasa LIM Li-ion Batteries



  • Lithium manganese chemistry provides high energy density giving more power from a compact solution.
  • Suitable for high voltage applications. Modules can be connected in series to meet the required system voltage.
  • Can be used in parallel to create a high capacity energy storage solution.
  • Charge acceptance capability extends to sub-zero temperatures.


  • Renewable energy and microgrids
  • Electric vehicle charging systems
  • Diesel generator hybrid systems
  • UPS systems
  • Transportable energy storage
  • Marine vessel propulsion
  • Material handling and automated guided vehicles
Tech Spec

Información adicional

Longitud (mm) 412
Anchura (mm) 180
Altura (mm) 135
Peso (Kg.) 15
Tensión nominal 26.6
Capacidad Ah 50
Número de celdas 7
Temperatura ambiente -20° to +45°C
Tasa de carga máxima 125A (2.5C)
Tasa máxima de descarga 300A (6C) up to 60 seconds - 200 A (4C)